Glenn McGivern plays scheming Iago as a brutal bully hidden in plain sight, never showing signs of weakness and making great entrances and bringing a suitably dominant presence every time he was on stage. 

Alan Meban
BUDCo's Othello review – Alan in Belfast

Glenn McGivern as Andrew negotiates his makeshift kitchen set with comparative ease… developing a relaxed performance and instilling a sense of back-history...

Paul Vale
MA Acting Showcase review – The Stage

Born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, my first taste of the stage came from being part of a local drama group at a young age. My first summer show was closely followed by a high school musical, then it wasn't long before I was competing in an Irish drama festival and performing in a play which toured regionally. 

After extensive practice in postmodern theatre forms during drama studies at University of Chester, I went on to train as an actor for a year at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire - known in my time as Birmingham School of Acting. During my time in training, I was lucky to work with numerous industry professionals and gained valuable experience in singing, screen and broadcast as well as stage acting.

Now living back in Northern Ireland, I have been getting stuck into a constant range of screen and theatre projects whilst sometimes leading drama workshops also. I have been fortunate enough to have the fantastic opportunity of helping lead some drama classes in East Asia too. 

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